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Show news

 The new, hopefully, rising star Guinness has already achieved a lot on the show floor. 

Out of three shows as minor puppy he was twice placed 1 VP (very promising) and once 8th BIS Minor Baby! 
A very nice and promising start for this extremely "happy, happier, happiestboy!




Puppy class: he entered 3 shows, 3 times 1 VP and in the Ring of Honor once BIS 6 Puppy and once BIS 3 Puppy; very, very proud!
Junior class: CAC CACIB show in Leiden, The Netherlands on 19th of March he was old enough to enter in Junior class, (9 - 18 months) and to start hunting for CAC's to become a Junior Champion. (Actually the name "Junior cert's" doesn't exist,  but I'll keep calling them like that anyway when collecting them results in a Champion title)
It started well in Leiden, in the Netherlands. Under judge Van Den Berg he became Best Male and received his first Junior Certificate (need 3) but also his first CAC to become Dutch Champion! 
We both slept on the famous pink cloud in seventh heaven that night 
9th of April, CAC CACIB show, Luxembourg, was also a nice surprise as he under judge Nölke (D)  won his class and with this became  Luxembourg Junior Champion  (his very first title - proud, proud!) 


15th of April, CAC CACIB show Goes,, The Netherlands. On this his second show, in NL,  he had to step back, to the first 2nd place, for a much older male but still received en "excellent" and also got a RCAC. Judge ms Chiodi Walraven (NL)

And, besides the 5 minutes in the ring, we always spend the rest of the 3 - 6 hours in company of nice dog owners, a lot of good talk, interesting news to hear, a lot
of things to learn from more experienced show people and, of course a lot of laughs  (and food! We literally ROLL home)


29th of April, CAC CACIB show in Antwerpen, Belgium. The first show in Belgium under judge mr Joseph Hartig (D) Guinness got a 1 excellent and fist first Junior Cert!


21st of May 2017 JHD & KCM, JHD judged by ms Helen Woods (UK) and KCM judged by ms Leila Bull (UK)
Two shows in one day.... and with 4 dogs!
Luckely I had the most superb help from Elly; even though she constantly was harassed by Granny Smilla ;), she made Nova (Pure Brwyn of Hillbilly Heights, sister of Guinness) and Pinot ready for the show.
The day was successful: Junior bitch, Nova ended 3rd in JHD and 4th in KCM; both big and very strong classes!
Junior male, Guinness was proudly placed 1st in both shows and had two very nice critics to add to his already impressing career!
Pinot, the mother of the two youngsters, handled beautifully by Elly, was placed 2nd in Champion class.
Granny Smilla was placed 1st in Veteran class in both shows with touching critics, Lord am I proud of this old lady!

 27th of May, CAC CACIB show in Oss, The Netherlands. Judge ms B. Petkeciva (LV)

 And, yes! We did it! 

Guinness is now Dutch Junior Champion, whoa, whoa, whoa! 

We're still gliding around on the famous pink cloud  



10th of June, CAC show, Lommel, Belgium 2nd "JCAC" . Judge Robert Kotlar. So, now only one more ...... 

24th of June, CAC show Genk, third show in Belgium and with this 3rd "JCAC" and Mr G can add BJK (Belgian Junior Champion) to his his list of titles. Thank you judge Curcic (RS)!

So, in April he became Luxembourg Junior Champion, in May Dutch Junior Champion and now Belgian Junior Champion, just 12 months old...!
We're so proud and Guinness is in seventh heaven  





2nd of July, CAC CACIB (evening) show in Echt, in The Netherlands, with fantastic weather and very nice company! Judge was mr Bart VanDaele (B) a judge who took the time to really feel all the dogs from nose to tail AND also put it on paper; chapeau!

The show started at 6,30 pm. With 10 of 11 dogs entering the show it was a great honor for Guinness and me to end up with the BOB in strong concurrence.

Waiting for the Ring of Honor the head spotlight suddenly fell out, leaving us in a very romantic sfeer with only a few colored lamps still shining. 
The organisator put the volume of the music up and there was some dancing and singing in the shadows; ambiance guarantee :)

It was a lovely day with a very pleasing drive home even if we hit the bed at 02,30 am.





15th of July, CAC CACIB show in Dunkerque, France. Sadly enough were there only three entries, a shame when thinking of the wonderful location; a stone-throw from the beach which you easily could visit even during the show if one needed some fresh air!

The judge mr Silva Cardoso (P) honored Guinness with "best junior" and then also the BOB - and with this 2 entries for Crufts ;) 


16th of July, CAC show in Lokeren, Belgium; one of my absolutely favorite shows, no matter what weather. 6 out of 9 entered the show. Judge was mr Vincent O'Brian (IE)

Guinness ended up with 2 excellent.

The most pleasant thing that day was that little Nova, Guinness sweet sister, also entered. They ate ice-cream, provided by Novas owner, played happily together and also found themselves a very nice lady as "babysitter".


22nd of July, CAC CACIB show in Liège, Belgium. Guinness got a 2 excellent under the Irish judge John R Walsh Jr.


30th of July, CAC CACIB show in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. With the renovation of the big halls the show were held in an another part of the very big Expo Ahoy.
Guinness got a 1 excellent, not so surprisingly because he was alone in his class. For Best Junior he managed to catch the very charming judge John Bonds eye and with this Best Junior and also Benelux Junior Winner. 
As always a lot of nice company and a really topp ambiance! As I use to explain for novices: -"5 minutes in the ring and hours of exchanging news and experiences, non-stop-chatting, laughing, having a very good time!


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